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Welcome to Ms Iris Ruby

Conway, South Carolina

       In 1998 we moved our family of 5  (which quickly became 6)  into the big red house across the street that we affectionally refer to as "Big Red." At that time Ruby Cribb lived in Ms Iris which we then called the "green house."  She was a sweet lady who lived alone and would give my kids cream puffs out of her deep freezer and cold Cokes in bottles.  She was older and after a few years moved to Columbia to live with her children. She never returned. Every day I would look across the street and watch the green house fade into disrepair. It was neglected, sad, and lonely.  According to the "experts" it needed to be torn down. Yet when I looked at it I saw the beautiful potential of what could be. I was captivated by the "spooky" green house. I never fully understood my attachment to it but I found myself referring  to it as my "dream home."  


         In 2016 we were finally able to purchase the property. During the 1st walk through with Mike, the only contractor who was willing to help us, he referred to the house as the 'Lazarus project."  He said, "We are going to take this dead house and bring it back to life." He gave us the courage to ignore the advice of the "experts" and do just that.  But, even with his support, we were in over our heads in no time and often questioned our decision.  Over time the scope of the project grew and it seemed to take on a life of its own. At times it seemed as if the house itself was in charge and we were simply facilitators.  Finally after several years of working and a huge learning curve we were able to create what is now known as "Ms Iris Ruby."


        Her name is inspired by Iris Apfel and Ms. Ruby Cribb. The property is now full of life, and endless (some would say eccentric) inspiration from a simpler time, a time of deep freezers, front porches and cokes in a bottle.  It is our prayer that everyone who stays here will have their own personal Lazarus experience. You will be blessed when you arrive and blessed when you leave (Deuteronomy 28: 6) and may you also be inspired, refreshed, and renewed. 

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Dedicated workspace

42" Smart TV

Streaming services 



Linens and towels

Hair dryer

Fully stocked kitchen


Cleaning products
First aid kit
Fire extinguisher

Private outdoor pool 
Private hot tub
Outdoor firepit
Outdoor hammock
Sun loungers

Pool floaters

Cornhole boards

Things to Know

Get in Touch

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If you want to book Ms Iris Ruby or have any questions regarding a stay please don't hesitate to reach out! 

843 254 2929

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